See, Be Seen, Be Safe™

Motolight was started for one reason, to make great looking motorcycle auxiliary lights and to keep you safer on the road. Seeing better and being seen, now go hand-in-hand. A large portion of all motorcycle accidents result from riders not being seen by other traffic. At Motolight we have a passion to end this trend. We come to work every day to make the most durable, functional, and best looking motorcycle lights you can add to your ride. Motolights are easy to install and can be added to almost every make and model of bike. Proudly made in the USA, Motolights are as tough as the riders who use them. Backed by an industry best 3-year warranty and lifetime bulb replacement*, Motolights make sure you can See, Be Seen, and Be Safe on the open road.


Commitment to Law Enforcement


Our nation’s military and law enforcement personal work hard to protect us. As a symbol of the appreciation Motolight has for the job they do, we offer 10% off retail prices for any active or veteran military, police or fire personnel.

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There is nothing better than feeling free, and there is nothing safer than being seen. Learn how Motolights are designed to not only allow you the rider to see better, but make it much easier for others on the road to see you as well.

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Motolights are easy to install, and come in a variety of mounting options, finishes and bulb types including halogens and LEDs. Find what style fits your bike’s personality today.

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