My Motolights are 14 years old and have about 150,000 miles on them. They are so reliable it’s just amazing. I originally thought that they would help me see better at night, which they do. However, I believe, that more importantly, they help others see me much better during the daylight hours. By having the Motolights along with my headlight I believe that triangle of light helps other motorists to be better able to judge my distance from them.

Finally, as important as any product, is the company and the customer service behind it. You and your team have always been there for me whenever I have had a question, needed or part, or even just brought my lights in for you to take a look at them. One rarely finds that kind of dedication and a “whatever it takes” attitude anymore.

Sincerely yours,
Mike Hamilton
Ohio Patriot Guard


Mike is a member of the Ohio Patriot Guard. A great organization we fully support. Please check out their website, and watch the video below of the great work they do. Motolight Thanks the Patriot Guard and all those how serve with a 10% discount on all product, contact us by phone for your discount.

Thank you for the Motolights. I received the hardware to install them this afternoon. One hour later, they work and are adjusted. As a motorman, I know how important it is for motorcycles to have enough lighting, to get the public’s attention. We always run ours on our LCSO bikes. Now having them on my personal bike, I feel that it makes it safer for my wife and I to ride, especially on trips like one coming up next month. You have an outstanding product, thank you again.
David L. Marden, Master Deputy Sheriff
Lake County Sheriff’s Office
Tavares, Florida

I would first like to thank you and your company for putting excellent workmanship back into American Made products.  The design of placement, and materials used in manufacturing are second to NONE…  The performance of the Halogen lights placed on the calipers throw so much light on the road, low enough where is does not interfere with oncoming traffic you have to look beyond the riding area to realize it is night!

I would think your product would directly be responsible for providing the vision for riders to safely come home.

I know it has for me…

I would like to send your company a print of a painting I have done titled “Generations of Freedom” celebrating the existence and contributions  that America has played on the world stage, your company (Motolight) reflects that vision.

God Speed,
Raymond A. Simon



Just installed the light set for BMWR1150RT that I purchased last September, and these are STILL the best lights for any bike. Thanks again for your sale price and wonderful product.

Ken B.



Your MotoLights are, without a doubt, the best lights I have every used. They do not take up a great deal of space, weight very little and put out the type of lighting that makes riding at night a pleasure rather than a stressful experience. With MotoLights, I see deer and other animals where other riders claim to have seen few or none until it’s too late to react.

Bob M.



I received my Motolights today and I must say your service is FANTASTIC! I have never received a product so fast, and the workmanship is beautiful! My friend has the lights on his Road Glide and when I get these mounted we shall send a photo of both bikes. The grooved rings look great, Thank You!

Mark V.



After seeing a set on my friend’s bike, I decided to get a set of my own. We ride on Wednesday nights and 4 of us have the Moto Lights. We look like freight trains coming down the road. Definitely worth the price especially when comparing to cowling lights. The aluminum housing matches my silver on the Wing. Highly recommend. Customer service is great.

Jay C

I’ve had Motolights on every bike (6 total) I’ve owned. After the first bike, I had the Motolights, “in hand”, the week I had the bike.

Hastings H

How do you say “I LOVE YOU” to somebody that rides a motorcycle?  Give them MOTOLIGHTS.
Gregory D

I received and installed the lamps you sent. I didn’t expect this to be so easy and quick. I feel safer now riding in FL with all the blue-hairs . Now if it will just stop freakin’ raining.
Saddle Up & Thanks,

I just wanted to let you know that on the way to Daytona recently I stopped for the night in a little town in Florida, and got quite a few compliments and inquiries about my Motolights. My riding partner commented as well about how easy it was to spot my bike. These lights are one of the best investments that I have made, and I am very pleased with their performance. Unfortunately I am on the site today to purchase a set of replacement LED build elements as weekend maintenance on the bike seems to have taken a toll on one bulb. My fault but these lights are terrific. I cannot tell you how much these lights have really improved my ability to see on a darker country road and the visibility of the bike itself to oncoming drivers. Thanks for the great product!

I’ve had a pair of Motolights for about ten years now. I’ve been doing some major maintenance and renovation on my Valkyrie and lost a few bolts. So I called to order some new ones and some new amber lamps. The owner answered the phone, and we had the most pleasant conversation. In my experience, most of the friendliest, most helpful companies are in the motorcycling support industry, and this company is certainly no exception. Friendly, helpful people and a great product. What more could you ask for?

Just a word of praise,
Your lights are one of the best upgrades I have made to my bike. They make night riding alot better. I’ve sold your products to alot of my firends, because I’m always bragging about how well they work. I ride more than most, and your lights give me peace of mind in both aspects of being seen by others and how much better I am able to see. They put out more light than my headlight and spots combined!
One Extremely Spoiled Customer,

Thanks Tina! Your awesome lights kick butt! Love the safety factor.

I wanted to drop you a note of thanks. I received the LED bulbs yesterday, and just finished installing. This is EXACTLY what I had hoped for. The lights look great and generate the light I wanted for that extra bit of safety.
Thanks to you and your team for a great product!

I purchased my Victory XCT from Cochise Motor Sports Sierra Vista, AZ. After several months looking for driving lights, ordering and returning lights that required considerable modification to install and looked terrible I found Motolight the only driving lights that fit ALL Victory motorcycles and they look terrific. I will visit Cochise soon for scheduled service and show off my MotoLights. They are the best and only out of the box driving lights available for all Victory models.
~ Bikers are nice people ~

I would like to say thanks for the great service, prompt delivery and precision LED inserts I just received. They went into my set of Mini-Moto Lights. I have waited for a long time to be able to change out the terrific halogen bulbs that came with the set. Thank you for a fine product that looks great and helps me be seen and be safe!
Ed H.

I received my bulbs and rings today; thank you so much for the excellent support and customer ​service.  You are among the best of the best when it comes to backing your product and caring for your customers.
Best always to you and the team.

I have the caliper mounts with amber bulbs on my BMW R1150RT and the same on a Ducati GT 1000 in the mini’s. I have not had anyone pull in front of me or cut me off  in 65,000 miles. I think the triangle of amber motolights and HID headlights are a life insurance policy.
Bill P.
Pocatello, ID

I forgot to send you a note to thank you for the replacement bulb. I appreciate the your products, excellent customer service and support.
Thanks again.
Stan Thibaut

I’ve had a set of motolights, on a previous bike. Loved them. The new set, already installed easily, look great. Very happy! Motolight makes some of the absolute best quality lights!


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